Printing & Shipping

Important information on printing and shipping

Quality: Highest gallery-grade Giclèe photo prints

Limited Edition Prints are produced by UK based printshop The Printspace either in London or Düsseldorf (Germany). 

Most photos are Giclèe prints on Canson Baryta Gloss or Epson Semi Gloss,  darkroom-style photography papers with a light gloss to bring out details and texture.

Some images are printed on super matte Hahnemühle Photo Rag, to give the images an even more aquarelle painted appearance. 

Papers are very delicate. Please handle with great care and touch only on the white borders; extra large prints should be handled carefully with gloves when mounted or framed. 

Images are guaranteed to retain their vibrancy a typical 40 to 200 years depending on the amount of UV / light radiation reaching the surface. 

Shipping: Free of Charge

We are shipping worldwide free of charge. Currently we do not ship to the UK until further notice, until resolving post-Brexit tax issues. Please note that import taxes or custom duties may be collected by the receiving country.

You frame it :)

To make free international shipping possible, all photographs are sold without a frame. To get the most satisfaction from your fine art print, it is recommended to use high-quality frames with non-glare, gallery-grade glass. Please put plenty of love into the selection of your frame, as it constitutes a great portion of the joy of art.

The prints have a standard 3:2 or 1:1 format plus a white border for handling, so that standard sized frames with a mat will fit for small and medium prints.

It is highly recommended to get custom-made frames for large and extra large editions. Large prints come with an extra 1 cm white border, extra large have no white border, so the frame or mat have to fit precisely.

For individual XXL- / Museum size prints, please contact me directly. Availability is limited to a total of five per photograph ("Artist Proof").

Limited Editions

Each photograph is sold in 5 limited editions from 30 cm up to 150 cm. After an edition has been sold out, no more follow-up editions will be re-printed.

The Artist has the right to produce up to five XXL/Museum size prints (above 150 cm longest side) as Artist's Proof Edition ("E.A."). Extra small sizes (smaller than 30 cm x 20 cm), merchandising and digital rights are not limited in number. 

Certificate of Authenticity

Along with your your artwork, you will get a Certificate of Authenticity including the Print number, production date, Artist name/printed signature and a hologram. Please attach the sticker with the hologram only outside on the back of the frame after framing, as direct attachment may damage the photograph due to potential leaching of substances from the sticker.