Information on Edition Sizes


30 x 20 cm (plus 5 mm white border): 50

60 x 40 cm  (plus 5 mm white border): 25

90 x 60 cm (plus 10 mm white border): 12

120 x 80 cm: 10 (also available as Photo Print behind Acrylic Glas, please request price)

150 x 100 cm: 5  (also available behind as Photo Print Acrylic Glas, please request price)

each edition plus 5 Artist Proof Prints.


XXL-/Museum sized prints

For individual XXL- / Museum size prints, please contact us directly. Availability is limited to a total of five per photograph ("Artist Proof").


Price Policy and Satisfaction Guarantee

As an incentive to early stage buyers and to reflect supply and demand of the Limited Editions, the prices for remaining prints may gradually be increased as an edition is sold.

If you are not satisfied with your artwork upon receiving it, we will take it back and refund your price.